The Grant Ferry Media Arts Project

The Grant Ferry Media Arts Project (GFMAP) is a documentary media installation and web application exploring the diverse, vibrant, and dynamic community in the Grant Ferry commercial district on Buffalo NY's West Side. Presented by Eric Coombs Esmail. Use the mediamap to watch interviews and other media materials generated so far. Visit the Grant Ferry Media YouTube Channel for more material.

This is an open, ongoing project. If you have media material, whether it is online or offline, video, images, or sound, you are encouraged to submit it to be included on the site or in any other form, including for exhibition. Use the menu link above to submit, or continue scrolling to see upcoming news and documentation of exhibitions of this project so far.

GFMAP was started by Eric Coombs Esmail (

GFMAP at Big Orbit - June 3, 2016 6-9 PM

Bizaar West Side at the Open Air Studio - 5/1/16

This preview of the Grant Ferry Media Arts Project Installation, entitled Bizaar West Side - A Market on Strings, was exhibited at the Open Air Studio on Buffalo's West Side on May 1st, 2016. This is the first in a series of GFMAP installations.